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Startup Weekend Wichita #SWICT

Tonight is the first night for Startup Weekend Wichita and I am stoked. If you happen to come across this post within the next couple of days it is likely that you are doing so because I gave you my business card and you are therefore looking for a bit more info about me.

I am currently a full-time graphic designer with Spirit AeroSystems, where I have been for the past 2 years. My work there is primarily centered around web design and finding new solutions to old problems. Some projects I have done or am currently working on are: a new internal and global video delivery site using BrightCove API; a new automated process to take in online requests for commonly requested printed files (with client requested customizations)– using .net, C#, pdflib, and the usual suspects (html, css, js); a global labor map displaying our HR information in a nice UI for communicating our company’s global footprint as well as strengths/needs in each location, and last but not least — a new responsive web template for our CMS based intranet sites.

Unfortunately, all of my work (that I am willing to attach my name to) is on their private (proprietary) intranet and I therefore can not share it with the world.

Prior to Spirit, I was a web design intern for Media Refined where I did some graphic and web work on their cakephp based dietsinreview website (mostly small tweaks and whatnot).

And my first full-time design gig was with Bradley Paper where I did a variety of print design for all kinds of projects. You name it, I likely did it at least once (I even designed a custom gold medallion for a client– random right?).

If you would like to see some of my OLD work, that I am skittish to even share now, you can view my portfolio at www.vdubdesign.com. This is the portfolio site I built to showcase my work when I was looking for a full-time job 3 years ago. It is cringe worthy code for me now, but you should cringe at your old work otherwise you aren’t progressing enough.

In addition to my job at Spirit I am pursuing my second degree, Computer Science at WSU (I have a prior art degree from Emporia State). I also have a wife, a daughter, and a son that give me great joy.

If you want to know more, please just talk to me. I will be around all weekend!